Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Spread Love Giveaway

Win a load of LOVE-ly prizes in this month's giveaway!


New Papemelroti Privilege Card

To get the new Papemelroti Privilege Card - accumulate purchases worth ₱5,000.

If you already have a Papemelroti Privilege Card, you can avail of the new design upon accumulating purchases worth ₱1,000 - just submit your old card for invalidation (1 valid card per customer only) and it will be returned to you as a collectible only.

We hope you have enjoyable time using your privilege cards at our shops!

Friday, February 02, 2018

We are God's Garden Workshop

The Papemelroti Artisan's Workshop presents

We are God's Garden

Art + Inspiration Workshop

Come join the art party!  Let creativity be like play!  Papemelroti artist and owner Patricia Alejandro Paterno will share her easy techniques for creating works of art.  Perfect for beginners.  No art skills necessary.  

De-stress and unwind as Patricia shares her step-by-step method for paintings with purpose.  Each workshopper will come home with their own finished wooden plaque product.

February 17, 2018
9 AM to 12 NN

Workshop Fee: Php800 (introductory price) inclusive of all materials.

To reserve your slot:  Confirm on this page  and DM us your contact details and preferred mode of payment.

You may also call Lyn at (02) 3742442 to inquire.

Payment methods: BPI/BDO Bank Deposit

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Caritas Manila Awards Papemelroti

Such a nice surprise! Papemelrto received a “Testament of Appreciation” from Caritas Manila!

To receive the award was Papemelroti Managing Director Patricia Alejandro Paterno.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

When in Manila

Thank you so much for the feature When in Manila!

Photo by Sophia Yu

The Papemelroti Artisan’s Workshop is a place for individuals, groups and families to enjoy, learn, and create!

We are at the 2nd floor of 91 Roces Ave. Corner Scout Tobias. Q.C.

Walk-in from 8AM-8PM, Monday-Saturday.   No booking necessary! Just purchase any kit or blank + a borrower's fee of ₱50 / ₱100 (if you need paint) to use the space.

You may reserve seats for events by calling Lyn, our workshop assistant at (02) 3742442.

Time slots for reservations are either 8AM-12PM or 1PM-5PM. 
We have a maximum capacity of 32 guests.

Inquire or book an event

Monday, January 29, 2018

Ideas on How to Spend Valentines Day

They say that love is a friendship set ablaze in a raging fire so it burns brighter than the stars in the night sky.  Isn't that such a precious gift?  Finding love isn't easy in today's fast-paced, busy world.  So if you love someone, then that is something to celebrate ... every ... single ... day!

We want you to be able to express that love in a more lasting way - not through flowers that would fade the day after Valentines and not through chocolate that eventually ends up on our hips!  But through shared memories and yes through the little gifts that go a long way.

Anything that is worthwhile is worth taking the time to plan and be creative with.  So here are some ideas that will make your Valentine's day, a day like no other!   These will surely make your sweetheart smile!

Right from the start of the day, you can already express your love in a tasty way!

Source: Reader's Digest

From pancakes to potatoes, here are some ideas on how to make a more warm (-hearted) meal! 

Eggs in a Heart   |   Heart Pancakes   |    Roasted Potato Hearts  |   Oreo Hearts  |    Heart Cinnamon Rolls   |    Heart Sushi 

BUT REMEMBER!  We suggest though that you abstain from meat to commemorate the start of the Lenten season!

Source: Pinterest

If you're significant other is going to work on Valentine's day (and since it's on Wednesday, there's a high probability of that), pack a special lunch for him/her.  It can also be something you sneak into their lunch box while they're not looking - a funny note perhaps? 

You can also put little love notes where you know they look everyday: the dresser, bathroom shelf, where they keep the keys etc.  It's the little things like this that will make the day special.

Send a message in a bottle!  Somehow it just comes out so much more romantic!  You can put a simple "i love you" or a whimsical poem like "Roses are red, violets are blue, I am the happiest when I am with you".

You can even make your bottle gift.  Don't throw away the pickle jars and instead, put slips of paper with the "Awwww" moments you've had together with your sweetheart.  

What do we mean by "Awwww"?   Remember that time when your loved one treated you out unexpectedly because you came home stressed from work?  How about the time you got a message out of a blue saying "I love you"?  Those times.  The bottle will be filled up in no time!

Photo by Mel Turner

This year why not try having dinner at home instead of at a restaurant?  Turn off all the lights and have dinner by candlelight.  Get all the Christmas lights and candles out for instant ambience!  You can eat out in the garden if you have some nice lanterns hanging from the trees.  Make the table setting special by making a heart placemat (out of paper is okay!) and using the tableware that's always being saved for a special occasion.

Oh, we also suggest the removal of all cellphones and computers around!  This should be a gadget-free event (unless it's just for music in the background)!

Do you love your sweetheart to pieces?  Then have some together time by having a Jigsaw Puzzle competition!  Make your own puzzle and have fun with it!  Check out the instructions here.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer

After you've digested your dinner, you can do the Salsa challenge!  Don't know how?  You can get some tips from this video (unless you've been a contestant on Dancing with the Stars).  The point is to have fun!  Go dance the night away!

Before you end the day, don't forget to say a prayer together.  Any relationship will encounter challenges and will need divine help!  The love we share with one another cannot compare to God's love for us - which we remember at the start of the Lenten season, so let's pray that we love with the perfect love He has given us. 

Have a blessed February 14th!

*** See our Valentine's Day gift suggestions ***

Make a DIY Puzzle for Valentines

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate the gift of each other.  It's a once-a-year opportunity to get as mushy as can be in expressing our feelings for the special people in our lives.

Here's a DIY activity not just for couples but for friends and families as well!

This can be an after dinner activity! You can print a whole bunch of puzzles and make one for each of you to make - the first person who finishes can get the first bite of dessert!

DIY Puzzle Instructions

What you need:

Thick paper

To Make:

  1. Download the file here.

  2. Print on the thick paper.

  3. Cut the jigsaw pieces.

Pressed for time, you can also make the jigsaw puzzle using your computer!  No cutting involved!

preview36 piecePuzzle

So we know you guys are the creative types who want to use your own designs and photos for everything.  So YES you can also make your own puzzle via Jigsaw Planet by uploading your image.  You can choose the level of difficulty, number of pieces, even the shape of your puzzle pieces!

Have fun!

Friday, January 26, 2018

DIY Heart Doily Paper Mobile Project

There was this time when a customer gave us feedback for the shop.  They said that they rely on the seasonal displays to remind them about what time of year it is - and that without it, they would have forgotten to buy gifts for their loved ones!  We didn't realize just how important it was until then!

We also know of a lady who changes the theme for her home every few months!  That's a lot of work but she had a lot of creativity and style and the house would always look so elegant.

Whatever season it is and whether you are at the shopping mall or at home, it's always nice to have a new look.  It just cheers everyone up!

Well, we thought you would want to get ready for romance with Valentines' day coming up!  This super easy project can just be the trick!  It's also pretty enough to stay hanging up there long after the Valentines season has passed.

DIY Heart Doily Paper Mobile

What you need:

Thick white letter size bond paper
Twig or a long stick
String / Nylon
Removable hooks (optional)

How to:

  1. Download the printable image files on your computer.

  2. Print the images in full color on thick letter bond size paper.

  3. Layout the images on a table in the way you want them to hang on the twig.  

  4. And then you can punch holes on the top portion of the designs or just use some masking tape if you don't want to do any punching to use for attaching the string.  Attach the designs to all the strings.

  5. Tie the strings to the twig and you can already hang this on your wall.  We recommend using some removable hooks.

This project is care of Papemelroti artist Calej.  You can check out her blog here.

This craft project and materials are for personal use only.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tips from the Creative Planner Workshop

We went LIVE last Saturday with our first ever workshop!

The Papemelroti 2018 art journals' debut as a base for everyday inspiration was facilitated by none other than artist Robert Alejandro.

Some tips we got from Robert were:

Don't listen to those voices. 

When starting on your planner, or any artistic endeavour for that matter,  the voice of discouragement suddenly resounds in our minds.  "You're not good enough," or "you don't know what you're doing".  Know that those voices are normal and meant to be ignored!

What’s your word for the year?

How to find a theme?  What will you do first?  Try with just 1 word.  Will it be ART?  EXCELLENCE?  HEALTHY?  QUALITY?  ....  MUSHROOM?  CAT? (sorry we love cats)... basically it can be anything!  Isn't that wonderful?


So picture in your mind what you want to see on the paper.  Close your eyes and just relax.  Think of your word for the year and what thing / quote / imagery will help you remember it?  Don't do this too long or you might end up in dreamland.

Let’s not use a pencil.  

Surprisingly, Robert didn't use a pencil to make his images.  He told us that this will hinder the creative process.  Let's just try it out.  Remember, don't listen to those voices that say, "you NEED a pencil."  He also said for us not to "try to make art".   Let's just be free to express ourselves.

Use what you've got!

Robert tried different styles on the journal.  He didn't just draw.  He used calligraphy, collage, drawing and whatever he could to make something beautiful.  He said that having experience with typography, photography, sketching and others would be a big help because in designing - you could actually make use of everything.

Be in the moment

When you are creating, be in the moment.  Don’t rush.  Don’t think about what you have to do.  Be in the moment and enjoy.

Finally... Just draw what you see.

Every single day is different and when you go out into the world, you will see magical, amazing things!  Drawing makes the experience a part of you because each of your creations speaks volumes about who you are.

Don't worry about squiggly lines or mistakes.  Perfection is overrated.  Learn by doing.  Practice makes perfect!

So if you have the time, get the feel and get creative with Robert by following the steps in the video below taken during the workshop.

Experience the Artisan's Workshop for yourself!  See what we have in store...

A giant thank you to everyone who joined the Art Journal Workshop at the Artisan’s Workshop (both physically and on our live feed)!  We hope to see you playing and creating here soon!

 Where?  2/F papemelroti, 91 Roces Ave., Q.C.
 When? Walk-in from 8AM-8PM, Monday-Saturday

What to do at the Artisan's Workshop

Drawing on Black - No Pencil Challenge

Workshop Prices

Inquire or book an event


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